It’s upon us again, its been 3 years (the term is another one that should be up for discussion as its just too short). since the last federal Australian election and we have had two prime ministers within the LNP’s elected term. It would be ludicrous in any other democratic country (commonwealth connected or not).

It was rather embarrassing however not surprising when Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, required “Que cards” to ensure that she was talking to the right person and Prime Minister (of that time) Scott Morrison

Being a conservative I would naturally lean towards keeping a LNP government and more of the “same”.  This time however is different, I believe that the current government needs to be taught a little bit of a lesson, I am not saying voting for the liberals is the answer. I don’t believe a Labour led Greens coalition would be a disaster for Australia, however so would giving a Guernsey to the current mob.

Perhaps what the Australian people need and should do is send a message by voting with their hearts and actually electing some politicians with integrity (or at least ones with more than we have now). Perhaps we should unite and vote for the parties that will benefit us the most and take a leaf out of the American Trump model (for all its imperfections).

Lets look at some of the considered “fringe” parties and at least consider them as a semi sensible option.

The ousting of the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull on August 24th 2018 was very costly to the LNP within the Australian popular vote. He was actually an alright “fair shake of the sauce bottle” PM. Yes he came across a little arrogant and elitist against the common Australian, however he personified and delivered on the liberal yet unwavering traditional agenda that every day Australians want and also took for granted.

Perhaps its time to look to the smaller parties, whatever your leaning. Lets send a clear message to the moderate left and right that we’ve had enough and we want change.

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