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what we stand for and deliver



transformational change: a shift in the business (government) culture of an organisation resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organisation has used in the past. A transformational change is designed to be organisation-wide and is enacted over a period of time.

Simple stuff really… Well so it seems from the outset (just stop what you’ve always been doing and do the opposite).  It might sound simple and easy to achieve, however not from want of trying or millions in spend and great ideas and concepts, government still struggles from being able to realise it’s true potential and move away from the hundreds of (disparate) systems and processes that are time consuming and top infrastructure/resource intensive, and drive a service oriented delivery and architecture of the 21st century.

That’s where brainwire comes in, we understand the government needs and political environment and are able to customise and tailor ICT solutions to suit every time frame and budget afforded.

brainwire provides skilled and experienced architecture, analysis and project/program management resources and a tried and proven methodology to complement the resources.

We understand each government department is different and equally each project or program is unique, however we apply the same adaptive methodologies to each one.  Prince 2 for the governance and Agile/rapid for the delivery mechanism.  The two work beautifully in sync and can be scaled up or down dependent on the level of risk, complexity, spend and time allocated.